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Class 8 Biology index given here consists of all the topics discussed in class 8 Biology chapters. The listed index is prepared as per the NCERT textbook and the latest CBSE syllabus. Access free study material by clicking on the respective subtopics.

In this article, we will cover all the topics under Biology from Class 9 to Class 12. Biology is one of the most important subjects. Not only for lower classes but also for higher classes. Concepts of Biology also helps you to clear many entrance exams like JEE Main, JEE Advanced, etc.

Described Syllabus For Biology Class 8th

Chapter 1: Crop Production and Management

1.1 Agricultural Practices

1.2 Basic Practices of Crop Production

1.3 Preparation of Soil

1.4 Sowing

1.5 Adding Manure and Fertilizers

1.6 Irrigation

1.7 Protection from Weeds

1.8 Harvesting

1.9 Storage

1.10 Food from Animals

Chapter 2: Microorganisms: Friend and Foe

2.1 Microorganisms

2.2 Where do Microorganisms Live?

2.3 Microorganisms and Us

2.4 Harmful Microorganisms

2.5 Food Preservation

2.6 Nitrogen Fixation

2.7 Nitrogen cycle

Chapter 7: Conservation of Plants and Animals

7.1 Deforestation and Its Causes

7.2 Consequences of Deforestation

7.3 Conservation of Forest and Wildlife

7.4 Biosphere Reserve

7.5 Flora and Fauna

7.6 Endemic Species

7.7 Wildlife Sanctuary

7.8 National Park

7.9 Red Data Book

7.10 Migration

7.11 Recycling of Paper

7.12 Reforestation

Chapter 8: Cell — Structure and Functions

8.1 Discovery of the Cell

8.2 The Cell

8.3 Organisms show Variety in Cell Number, Shape and Size

8.4 Cell Structure and Function

8.5  Parts of the Cell

8.6  Comparison of Plants and Animals Cells

Chapter 9: Reproduction In Animals

9.1 Modes of Reproduction

9.2 Sexual Reproduction

9.3 Asexual Reproduction

Chapter 10: Reaching The Age Of Adolescence

10.1 Adolescence and Puberty

10.2 Changes at Puberty

10.3 Secondary Sexual Characters

10.4 Role of Hormones in Initiating Reproductive Function

10.5 Reproductive Phase of Life in Humans

10.6 How is the Sex of the Baby Determined?

10.7 Hormones other than Sex Hormones

10.8 Role of Hormones in Completing the Life History of Insects and Frogs

10.9 Reproductive Health


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